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About CPT

Why plant churches?

  • New churches reach more people: Having more entry points into the Kingdom of God increases the possibility of people coming to faith in Christ.
  • New churches reach new people: new churches attract new groups about 6-10 times better and faster than older churches.
  • New churches release new leaders: starting churches provides an opportunity to raise more workers for the harvest.
  • New, healthy churches grow and reproduce: churches are not designed by God to be unfruitful, but to grow and reproduce. As churches multiply, the potential harvest increases proportionately.

(Source: A Mission-Focused Reproducing Church, by John Lanferman)



  • 1 year internship with residential and online options
  • Church-based & team led
  • Thorough assessment and ongoing feedback
  • Hands-on involvement and personal mentoring
  • Options for urban or suburban experience
  • Develops one’s spiritual life, leadership skills & character
  • Develops leadership resources for future use
  • Offers launch support and apostolic care for the church planter's new location

Who is it for?

This program is specifically designed to train church planters within the U.S., first and foremost. The program is a partnership between Newfrontiers USA and Jubilee Church in St. Louis, which serves as the apostolic base for John Lanferman (Team Leader for Newfrontiers USA). Jubilee St. Louis is a multi-location church with both urban and suburban locations.

This program is church-based, team-driven, and guided by an apostolic team. We believe these methods are integral to the way of biblical church planting. The main elements of the church planting process are Assessment, Specialized Training, Launch Support, and Apostolic Care. At the culmination of their training, CPT is designed to allow intern-planters to plant a church.

What are the benefits?

Church planters will receive valuable training from a team that is launching new locations with a missional focus. Interns receive not only a theoretical understanding of church planting, but will experience being a part of the team and sharing in the responsibility of launching new locations.

Along with the benefit of ongoing mentoring by a current church planter, interns will gain firsthand experience of being an active participant within an apostolic base that serves a wide range of churches on a national level.

How much does it cost?

The CPT program is free! Interns are responsible for securing employment and a place of residence. However, with the resources we have at Jubilee Church and within Newfrontiers USA, we will assist in that process if we can.